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Rhys Chilton Sets His Sights On Megan And Tiffany

Rhys Chilton's done it again. The Bachelorette contestant best known for his feud with fellow model Sam is becoming better known for his risque Instagram posts.  

It appears he's keen for his 15 minutes of fame to continue and appears to be trying to pull a 'Megan and Tiffany' (minus the actual relationship) by teasing followers about his friendship with fellow contestant Tommy.

Wrestles with bae... 💪 @tommy_saggus 🌷🌷 . 📷@madeleineradosevic

A photo posted by R h y s C h i l t o n 🍩🍰🍫 (@rhyschilton) on

On the weekend the boys posed with each other int heir underpants on a bed. Now, they've flat out copied Megan and Tiff's most recent lingerie shoot... and the girls have noticed.

Best mates always hang out in their undies! 💪#rommy

A photo posted by R h y s C h i l t o n 🍩🍰🍫 (@rhyschilton) on

Rhys' intentions are clear... he wants some bedroom fun with the stunning blondes and his news bestie Tom. Alongside his latest post he wrote 'Best mates always hangout in their undies *Rommy.' 

Megan commented on the post, "You do a fantastic Megan, minus the bulge." 

Rhys cheekily/creepily responded, "Don't you mean I'd do Megan fantastically?" 

Tiffany chimed in telling Rhys to stopping hitting on her woman, but later wrote, "Happy to sort out a time-share deal?" 

These contestants just keep giving and giving.

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