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Bachelor's Megan And Tiffany's Latest Announcement

The most complicated relationship in Australian Bachelor history has just become even more confusing. Just a week after Tiffany Scanlon shocked fans by announcing she’d moved out of her and Megan Marx's Bachie love nest in Geraldon, she’s hinted at a return. 

The stunning 29-year-old shared a loved up photo of the pair on Instagram writing 'One more sleep until I get to see my favourite human.’The cute black and white photo showed the free-spirited pair embracing.

Megan was quick to comment under the photo, 'I'm bringing you some sexy lingerie... haha not kidding.’

Tiffany announced she was moving out of the apartment the pair shared last week, leading many to fear the blonde beach babes had called it quits.  

Courtesy: Instagram

The bachie couple have caused plenty of controversy since they hooked up after filming. There’s been a flood of bizarre nude photoshoots and adventurous Snapchats. 


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