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Dane Swan Talks About Error That Nearly Cost Him His Career

The celebrities squirrelled away in the African jungle have to do SOMETHING to pass the time, and putting on their own, live version of shock jock Steve Price's radio show is one of the ingenious methods they've devised.

And on tonight's episode of I'm A Celebrity, it was AFL star Dane Swan's turn to open up his colourful past.

The 33-year-old, who famously played for Melbourne's Collingwood, talked about what it was like to make it as a 17-year-old, and how his immaturity could have sent his life in an entirely different direction.

"I was far too lazy, lazier than what I was at the end of my career," Dane began. "I had no work ethic. I didn't care one bit. 

"I thought, like every young footballer when they come into the league, I'm going to make good money, do what I like. I thought I was a rock star and I was probably the worst footballer on the AFL list, I was useless.

"So that's how it was for probably two years, probably, before I got into some trouble."

When Steve pushed him about the "trouble" - reminding everyone that the incident had been front page news - Dane revealed the full extent of his potentially career-ending behaviour.

"My cousin, we were out on a Friday night... long story short, we got kicked off a cab and we got into a punch-up with five bouncers," Dane told his intrigued campmates. "We ended up getting the better of them and one of my mates went a bit too far and they got reasonably hurt. So we got arrested for that."

The three-time Best and Fairest winner went on to reveal that he had been charged with "about eight" offences, but that affray was "the one that stuck."

"It went for about eight years and cost me about $250,000," he continued, to gasps of shock. "Total court fees and paying people and stuff like that... So I learnt the hard way."

But, Dane said, he wouldn't change any part of his past.

"There's absolutely no doubt I wouldn't have been a Brownlow Medallist Premiership player and played 200 games and all the awards I've sort of won without those things happening to me early in my career, you know, the run-in with the law," the AFL star nodded. "The arrest turned my career around.

"If I hadn't got arrested, I reckon I just would have played another year, done what I liked... That was my wake-up call. There's no doubt the stuff that happened to me moulded me into the player and person I am and the person I am here today."

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