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Get Ready, World: Kim Kardashian Is Making A Comeback

It's been two months since she was held at gunpoint in her Paris apartment, but Kim Kardashian is ready to make her public comeback.

The reality TV star has been completely absent from any of her social media feeds; bar a couple of photos uploaded by mum Kris and some under-the-radar pap sightings, Kim K has gone into hiding.

But now a source close to the family has told PEOPLE that the mum-of-two is ready to face the world again.

"You don't just get over a near-death experience like Paris," they said. "It's going to take a lot of time. She still thinks about it every day and it's definitely a process.

"She's been talking to therapists, reading books - anything she can to try and help her heal and get past this. 

"Kim's life is in the public eye and that's not going to change but she will approach social media with some more thought and caution, for sure. And public appearances and security in general."

Doesn't sound like we'll be getting the Kim we're used to, though; the insider explains that the 36-year-old has been relishing her time away from the spotlight, and is wary of jumping straight back in.

"The time away... has been good for her. She's been spending more time with the kids at home and doing school stuff and classes with Saint," they continued. "It's given Kim time to reprioritise things in her life.

"She wants to spend the holidays with her family and then slowly ease her way back into the limelight."

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