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Justin Bieber Has Made His Return To Instagram In Disguise!

Justin Bieber is back on Instagram.. kind of.

His ridiculously fluffy dog Todd now has a profile of his dog but there is no actual confirmation of who is controlling the account.

The account was confirmed that is official by Justin’s other dogs Instagram account Esther, who tagged Todd’s handle on one of her posts.

The handles also match, so it’s clear that there was thought going into the names of the accounts.

Hey. It's me Todd.

A photo posted by Todd (@toddthestud) on

Bieber is officially still Instagram-less after he got fed up with his fans for the amount of feedback he was getting about his new relationship with Sofia Richie.


A photo posted by @estherthecutie on

There was a bit of confusion regarding Bieber's Instagram status earlier in the week after fans noticed his profile was active again, however, he tweeted that the re-creation was 'an accident'.

Currently ‘ToddTheStud’ only has one photo but fans were straight onto, with the account having 18.7k followers already.

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