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Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Truth About Relationship With Holly

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett.

They spoke candidly about her past troubles with her husband, Hank and even touched on her estranged relationship with her mother, who has threatened to release a tell-all book.

But one of the most interesting things Kendra discussed was the truth about her relationship with Holly Madison.

If you ever caught the show ‘Girls of the Playboy Mansion’, you’ll know that all three of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends seemed very close, like sisters.

Holly Madison used to use her face-to-camera moments to divulge how much she wanted to marry Hef and have babies.

It was a weird, yet somewhat comforting situation that all parties involved seemed happy enough with.

However, Holly Madison recently released a book called ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, which depicted a very different situation.

She claimed that she didn’t want to be there at all and that the situation wasn’t as rosy as the show made out.

This morning, Kendra Wilkinson, the ‘third’ girlfriend and star of ‘Kendra On Top’, slammed Holly’s book, claiming that it was all ‘bullsh*t.’

She said Holly was in fact very happy to be there and desperately wanted to have children with Hef.

She also said that the three girls were not like sisters, in fact they were more like “roommates.” When Jackie O asked if they were friends, Kendra replied, “She never stepped foot into my room, that’s not a friend.”

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