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Kylie Jenner Sneakily Launches Music Career & No-One Notices

Kylie, Kylie, Kylie.

Rumours have been swirling for months that the youngest Kar-Jenner was looking to follow in Kim's footsteps and get busy behind the microphone, but it looks like that may already have happened.

Earlier this year Kylie dropped a music video to promote her new lip gloss line with the artist credited on the track, 3 Strikes, as Terror Jr; it came not long after she Tweeted a pic of what looked like album artwork for the same band. 

So then a couple of superfans rolled up their sleeves and started trawling the internet, until they found THIS.

Obviously, Twitter went nuts.

A bit more digging revealed that Terror J only follow one Twitter account - Kylie's, obviously - and that the band's latest artwork for a new track called Come First looks a lot like the lip kit branding.

. . . Baby know that I come . . .

A photo posted by Terror Jr (@terror.jr) on

Whether or not we're going to see Kween Ky on a stage with a headset on remains to be seen but you have to admit, it's catchy.

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