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Kylie Jenner's House Has A "Boys' Room" You'll LOVE

Kylie Jenner really is the hostess with the mostest.

The 19-year-old took fans on a tour of her sprawling Hidden Hills home in California over the weekend and we learned many things.

Firstly, she's more obsessed with her Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi than we thought; not only do they have their own room, complete with roaring fire, there are replica statues of the pups taking pride of place on a shelf in there, too.

Secondly, she's a big fan of art, showing off a growing collection that includes a framed snap of her mum, Kris, all bundled up in a fur coat and looking seriously glam.

And thirdly? She has a dedicated boys' room, full to the brim with ashtrays and vintage Playboy magazines.

While we're not sure who exactly gets to use the boys' room, it certainly looks like she's making sure she has every single one of her guests' needs covered.

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