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People Are P*ssed At Kim Kardashian For Her Gross Diet Tweet

It's a comment every single person has made after coming off the back of a bad illness, but Kim Kardashian's latest Tweet about her Met Gala "diet" has annoyed a WHOLE lot of people.

We're choosing to take the silver lining from it, though; there had been, until now, no confirmation that the reality star would be hitting the infamous fashion event this year and, while we're still so here for her's and Kanye's freaky eye-and-eyebrow situation from 2016, we're dying to see what they come up next week.

Honestly, what would we do without these two?

Unfortunately, the 36-year-old has, apparently, been suffering from a flu and made a - presumably - tongue-in-cheek remark about how it had helped her shed a couple of kilos.


It took approximately 10 seconds for the Tweet to trigger the internet, though, and Kimmy found herself the target of some seriously snarky replies.

The whole thing is very Devil Wears Prada and, though the original Tweet has since been deleted, it seems Kim is standing by her comment; she later posted a photo of herself in something that looks very similar to what we wear to bed with the caption: "Flu got me like."


You can't out-sass a Kardashian, guys. They'll always win.

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