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Sophie Monk Posts Heartbreaking Post Announcing Split W/ Stu

This morning we awoke to news that Australia’s sweetheart, Sophie Monk had split with her Bachelor beau, Stu Laundy.

She announced the news over instagram, saying that ‘because she entered this relationship so publicly, she knew she owed an answer to Australia about her personal life.’

A post shared by Sophie Monk (@sophiemonk) on

She reveals she ‘gave it her best shot’ and that her intentions were ‘everything she said she was looking for’, but ‘unfortunately it just didn’t work out.’

She also stated ‘as much as she respects him, they were just very different people.’

She was sure to say that there were no contracts or pressure to stay together whatsoever from anyone - and that the pair remain friends.

She then looked upon the positives. ‘…it [this whole experience] taught me to jump out of my comfort zone in order to find me real love and made me much stronger.’

She then apologised to anyone who invested so much love and support and hopes she hasn’t disappointed anyone.

Onya Soph - you couldn’t disappoint us if you tried! We love you!

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