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One Thing Stolen From Kim K Worth More Than Her Jewellery

Yesterday we heard the shocking news that Kim Kardashian was tied up and robbed at gun point while staying in an exclusive Parisian hotel.

She was there for fashion week, and chose to stay at the apartments so exclusive and preferred by celebrities, they’re nicknamed, ‘No Address France’.

The gunmen responsible for the attack were said to have dressed up in police uniforms and held the concierge of the apartments at gunpoint.

He was then forced to lead them to Kim’s room and let them inside.

As they reportedly got away with $16 million worth of jewellery, it has also just been revealed that they took off with something potentially far more valuable.

Kim also lost two of her prized smart phones, which are likely to contain a great deal of personal information, according to a report on the Daily Mail.

The phones are likely to contain bank information, celebrity phone numbers and addresses, as well as potentially intimate photos, as Kim has revealed the fact that she sends husband Kanye West raunchy photos.

If released, Kim and those close to her could be jeopardised.

Source: Daily Mail

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