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Veronicas Feud Worsens As Jess Also Turns On Lisa

Veronicas singer Jess Origliasso has taken to Twitter to post an emotional statement about her “12 years” of “deep pain” caused by someone close to her. Since Ruby Rose posted then deleted a tweet calling out her girlfriend’s twin sister Lisa Origliasso, fans are quick to assume Lisa is also calling out her sister.


Jess’s statement discusses her personal struggle with her sexuality and the pain it has caused her. Check out the full statement below:

Both girls in The Veronicas have been outspoken advocates for the LGBT community. Most recently, their music video for On Your Side portrayed Ruby Rose and Jess as a couple. 

However, neither of the twins follow each other on Twitter or Instagram and they have both publicly distanced themselves from each other on certain topics.

With all the drama happening at the moment, could this be the end of The Veronicas?

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