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Why We’re Certain Kirk Pengilly Is Going Into The Jungle

If you watch any telly, you may have noticed that the ads for ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ have well and truly started up.

It’s the same game we all secretly love to play, where they tease who the celebrities going into the jungle will be, and we scratch our brains, trying to guess who we’ll be seeing chomping down on cockroaches and going without their lap of luxury, to which so many celebrities have become accustomed.

One of the most recent ads teases ‘an Aussie rock legend who’, now get this bit, because this is the clincher, ‘has had album and single sales in excess of one million.’

Now, I almost missed the numbers, because I was so hung up on the fact that they chose to use the words, ‘in excess’.

Oh, hang on, that sounds like a band I know and love… called INXS.

Coincidence? Surely not.

Surely by now you realise that there are NO coincidences when it comes to ‘I’m A Celeb…’?

As for why Kirk, well, he’s the most well known of the bunch, save for the late Michael Hutchence, rest his soul - and he likes to get out and about to different events with his wife, Layne Beachley - so doing this show could be the push his profile needs.

We look forward to seeing you in the jungle, Mr Pengilly.

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