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A Big Shock Is Coming To The Bachelor & We Cannot Deal

Is it too early to call this the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet?

Because we're calling it. Sh*t is going DOWN.

After Wednesday night's cliffhanger, we finally found out who was getting the boot - bye Sian - before Australia's favourite Bachelor laid it all down for the remaining ladies.

“I just wanna say to you ladies: I’m not just some puppet that’s being told what to do,” he said pointedly.

"When I pick someone for a single date that’s because I pick them myself. I decide who goes on those dates. When you receive a rose in the rose ceremony, that’s because it’s entirely my decision.”

And it seems he's out to prove it, too; OK! Magazine are reporting that Matty J is set to make history by selecting a girl for Australia's first EVER overnight date.

Yeah, that's right.

We're going to see (alright, not see, but KNOW) that Bachie boy has had sex on the show.

It's reported that the never-seen-before date will take place later in the season BUT will be with a woman he's already had a single date with - so Elora, Laura, Cobie, Lisa or Florence.

The introduction of the "Fantasy Suite" - which, it's believed, was also offered to Tim Robbards back in season one - comes as a shock mainly because Matty has already dismissed having sex on the show.

"I don't think it's needed to find out who you end up with," he told OK! Magazine.

But ex-contestant Belinda AKA the most logical person to live in the Bachie mansion, already has a theory about who he'll be ~romancing~.

"I saw him look at Florence one night in her dress, like 'Wowee!'" she said. 

"His eyes dropped to the floor. There's sexual chemistry there."

Like we said, most dramatic season yet.

Here's hoping Leah is still around for THAT reaction.

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