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Actress Reveals Moment Her Abusive Husband Tried To Kill Her

American actress Jana Kramer has spoken out about her abusive marriage to Michael Gambino. Close to tears, the 32-year-old told Good Morning America she nearly didn’t make it out of the marriage alive.  

The pair married in 2005 when Jana was just 19 and Gambino was 36. She revealed the abuse started shortly after their wedding. It began as verbal and quickly turned to him grabbing her arms and soon a black eye. It eventually escalated to Gambino attempting to choke his wife to death.  

She said her life flashed before her eyes that night and revealed it wasn’t the first time she feared she would lose her life at the hands of her husband. She said Gambino would come home from a night out at the club and take her out of bed and throw her to the ground. She said he told her he was going to kill her on multiple occasions. 

Source: Instagram

When asked if she ever felt like she came face to face with the end of her life, the One Tree Hill actress responded, "Yeah. My grandpa has always been my angel and I remember praying to him saying I don’t even want to be here anymore because I don’t know how to get out of this situation.”

“So if there is a happier place then let me come to you or either save me or take me from this place so I don’t have to be here anymore,” she continued. 

Gambino was convicted of premeditated attempted murder and was sentenced to five years in prison. He later committed suicide. 

Despite his death Jana revealed she still has fears that he’s going to come and grab her out of bed. The mum-of-one said his death came as a relief as she didn’t have to 'worry about him anymore.’ 

The Dancing with the Stars contestant had a brief marriage to actor Jonathan Schaech, before wedding third husband Michael Caussi. She recently gave birth to their daughter Jolie. Sadly she admits her current marriage is on the rocks, after her husband admitted to having several affairs. He is now receiving treatment. 

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

'I appreciate the apology because ... it has been heartbreaking. But it's nothing I can't handle; just being strong for my daughter and being a mom is what I'm just focused on doing right now,’ she told Good Morning America. 

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