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Akmal's Slavery Humour Unusual on IAC

An offbeat attempt to compare being released from reality show I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! to the first African-American being freed from slavery by Comedian Akmal Saleh has hit a flat note.

Saleh, who generally delighted viewers and entertained his fellow celebrities, was talking about the relief of finally getting out of the jungle after a two-week stay.

However, several viewers suggested Saleh shouldn't have tried to make light of his exit by referencing slavery being abolished in 1863.

Abraham Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation in January that year which started the process to free millions of slaves.

Saleh first used an analogy of a parent's joy at childbirth and then digressed into how slaves felt when they were freed.

"The joy I feel right now, I'm not a parent, I've never had babies but I've talked to people who have had babies and they've described this overwhelming joy. They say 'you wouldn't understand because you don't have babies'. I feel that joy now," Saleh said during his on-screen exit interview.

"I feel the joy of the first slaves that were freed.

"Back in 1863 that first African-American who walked a free man, 'free at last' (in an attempted American accent) ... I'm walking with that man now."

The majority of the social media chatter was about the disappointment in Salah being given his marching orders.

"Comedy has gone down 80% in the camp now," wrote Caroline.

There were a few who suggested Salah should never have tried to create a joke around African-Americans' fight for freedom.

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