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Anne Hathaway Shows Off Post-Baby Bump And Looks Amazing!

We often read stories about Hollywood celebrities and their miraculous post-baby bodies.

But it's not often that we get to celebrate a star who embraces her new lumps and bumps.

However Anne Hathaway has given us an excuse to do just that on the red carpet for Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Just seven weeks after giving birth to son Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman, the star has stepped out in a fitted floral dress that showed off a post-baby bump many women can relate to.


The new mum absolutely glowed as she posed with hubby Adam Shulman.

Considering most of us are still struggling to brush our hair and get out of our pyjamas during those first few months, the fact that Anne is on the red carpet is in itself a pretty impressive feat!

The fact that she can do so without caving to the pressures to have a body that shows no signs of the previous nine months of pregnancy is even more amazing.

Needless to say we're loving Anne Hathaway right now!

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