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Ariana Grande Finally Gives Reason For 'Doughnut Incident'

A year ago, Ariana Grande was poised to be the next up and coming thing. She was the princess of the pop scene and kicking goals left, right and centre.

A year on, she's on Good Morning America looking sheepish and disappointed as she addresses what's now become known as the 'doughnut incident', where she entered a store and proceeded to lick doughnuts whenever the sales clerk had their back turned.

She then proceeded to say she 'hates America' when a new batch of doughnuts was brought out. Ouch.

The internet went NUTS, and Grande was properly slaughtered for it.

She did release a Youtube apology, but the Good Morning America interview is the first time she answered the tough questions. Check it out...

Source: Cosmopolitan

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