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Ariana Grande's Mum Freaking Out Over New Album Is SO CUTE!

This is probably the cutest thing you will see today and you can thank Ariana Grande for it, the next time you see her.

The pop superstar has never been shy in introducing the world to her family members, most notably her Nonna, who went to the American Music Awards last year.

Now, it's her Mum's turn! 

Joan Grande is running for ''Cutest Grande Ever'' after she was featured in a Instagram video getting super pumped for Ariana's album Dangerous Woman.

She freaks out when she hears and says ''WHOOOOOA, I am not kidding Ariana, that's the best song I ever have heard!''

There's also heaps of hand waving and screaming and while she may have a Mum based bias, you actually can't fake that enthusiasm.

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