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Why BIP’s James Is Uncertain Of How He’ll Be Portrayed

Favourite Bachie nice-guy James Trewethie is headed overseas for this season of Bachelor in Paradise, giving the franchise a second chance to find love. 

But turns out he is no more prepared to watch it all play back on TV than he was last time around. 

From the thousands of hours of footage, he has been completely left in the dark in terms of how he will be portrayed. 

"Absolutely not [more prepared], as in, I think one thing is you’ve just got to get comfortable with uncertainty," he said of the show which begins to air on April 7. 

"There’s thousands of hours of footage and content and you only see a fraction of that.

"You just don’t know. You’re watching it when everybody else is watching it."

"When you hear yourself played back you’re like ‘oh god do I really sound like that’ so you’ve got all of that going on too."

 One thing that must begin to ease his mind is the way he approached this season - having some idea of what to expect after vying for Sophie Monk's heart on the Bachelorette a few years ago. 


"The opportunity came up and I was like 'you know what it didn’t work last time but the format would be more relaxed at a beach overseas and hopefully meet someone over there'," he said. 

"I didn’t want any regrets or 'what ifs' so just thought ‘do it’! 

"I think I was a bit more relaxed because I kind of knew what to expect. If you’ve done it once you’ve got a bit of an idea of what to expect.

"And I really focused on being myself."

I mean, if they don't say or do it, the network can't air it, right!? 

One thing the 33 year old is mindful of heading into the season, however, is staying grounded and focusing on what makes him happy in life to keep his mind, body and mental health in check. 

James says that while he has always felt overwhelmingly supported both during and after filming the show from producers and the network, he is aware that other contestants on reality TV can't always cope with the newfound 'fame' that comes from being a public figure. 

Especially in the wake of backlash from what happens on the show and how it is edited. 

But James believes what we are seeing in the wake of reality TV contestants is just a snapshot of the wider problem with kids today growing up looking at Instagram influencer's and celebrities' highly curated, edited and filtered feeds that just aren't real life. 

"[When going on reality TV] you’re still you, you’ve got a few hundred followers then it can blow up and be huge and you’re walking down the street and people want to take selfies and people are taking a vested interest into your love life and it’s a byproduct of being involved in the show," he said. 

"It’s down to how people cope with that and how much purpose they have in life - in terms of career or how confident they are in themselves.

"Then you have online trolls, bullying, negative criticism, positive comments. It’s a complete minefield.

"People that have gone on the shows have signed up to be judged by the public so you have to come up with a way to cope and handle that.

"And regardless of being on a show or not, there are people that aren’t on tv struggling with things. It comes down to you have to have a good support network, you need to find out what makes you happy.

"I love surfing and yoga and connecting to nature and that’s really important to me."

While we don't know if James found love or not on Bachelor In Paradise, we do know his love for the earth and nature has led him to become an ambassador for the World Wildlife Foundation and Earth Hour - which happens tonight at 8:30pm. 

When he said his love for animals and the environment came from the days of playing CD Roms like 'Dangerous Creatures' even we couldn't help but be nostalgic. 

James said his involvement in WWF and Earth Hour came organically after the Bachelorette - his family has always participated in Earth Hour each year as well as a number of other initiatives. 

"It was something I was always doing and coming out of Bachelorette I was still doing it and I think people noticed," he said. 

"I spend so much time in nature and the outdoors and surfing at the beach, hiking, and it’s so beautiful.

"I know we’re at this turning point and we have to change now for the future.

"I think people need to connect with nature and have a better relationship with it."

What is Earth Hour? It is one hour where people are encouraged to go lights out, or even electricity and technology turned off for 60 minutes to conserve energy and take time to reflect on how we are impacting the environment daily. 

Now it's not lost on us that James' first thought of how to spend Earth Hour is a romantic date outside... Could that be a hint he does find love? 

"Earth Hour is the perfect opportunity for a romantic date out in nature – even if you have little kids, have a fun little picnic outside," he said. 

"You can get the candles out and play boardgames - I know we used to do that.

"You have good conversation and it is fun… it’s connecting with nature but it helps you connect with humans too."

Sign up for Earth Hour or find out how you can get involved with the World Wildlife Foundation here. 

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