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Bachelorette In 60 Seconds: Awkward Family Values

Tonight it was time for Sophie to meet the families of the four boys that are remaining.

Soph had her work cut out for her with inquisitive siblings, pesky grandmothers and mother’s that don’t want to let go of their little boys…

Here are 19 thoughts I had while watching the episode…

- Jarrod says Vin-yard funny

- Sophie isn’t the girl Jarrod’s obsessed with. If she didn’t like Sophie, he wouldn’t be with her.

- Jarrod gets very red-faced, very often.

- Apollo already has three miniature ponies for their future children.

- Apollo can horse whisper like a sexy Adonis.

- His Grandma is now feisty 94-year-old firecracker.

- Stu may be the male version of Sophie. They say things like ‘bejeezus’.

- Stu has had THE SNIP. Yikessss.

- I don’t know what made me more sick, the dipping horizons as the boat sways, or Stu’s mumbling and inability to get the words out… ‘I’VE. HAD. A. VASECTOMY.

- Also, he’s NOT divorced… he’s legally still married. Maybe something you fix before appearing on the show?!

- He also almost said ‘end of the competition… instead of ‘end of the experience.’

- Stu’s dad ALSO thinks he’s a bit of a douche, so there you go. - They actually asked if she was in it for ‘money’… eh - have they googled her?!

- Blake lives in Perth, so there’s no way she’s picking him.

- Blake made it SNOW in the middle of the ice-skating rink.

- Blake just answers questions with what he THINKS Sophie wants to hear, like ‘I’ll protect you’ and ‘I only take ‘special’ girls home. Like come on, have you seen the guy?

- Blake’s mum is more obsessed with Sophie than Jarrod.

- Blake does NOT know what it means to have someone’s back - it does’t mean sitting back in your chair while your mum and sister HURL fireballs at her across the table, bro.

- Blake is a SORE LOSER and said ‘ciao’ as he walked away… WTAF.

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