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Beyoncé Launches Fitness Range And Releases Amazing Video

While everyone has been hyping themselves up as the rumours are around that Beyoncé is about to release a new album, she has actually been busy preparing to run a new world - the fitness world.

Overnight, she released a launch trailer for her new fitness range ''Ivy Park''. It is packed full of female strength, ferocity and sensational curves that we expect from the queen of pop.

The clothes themselves look pretty incredible and it looks like we will be getting them at Topshop over here, shortly!

Beyoncé's line ranges from leotards to simple sweatshirts but she makes it look like high fashion I could wear to a dinner. I probably could, I wouldn't care.


Throughout the two minute preview, the Grammy winner harks back on her most used themes - dedication, passion, discipline and being a ''grown woman'' as she narrates the inspiration behind the new line.

The name Ivy Park, it seems is a nod to two of her  favourite things - a childhood park and her 4 year old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, who also pops up in the video!

We are totally pumped for the fitness range and looking on the US Topshop website wanting to buy it all.

It's available from April 14th!

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