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Candyman Stages Horrifying Mock Execution of Journalist

The ‘Candyman’, as he’s been dubbed over the years is known for his embarrassing behaviour, likening himself to Hugh Hefner and the Playboy mansion - but then notorious tobacco tycoon has hit a new low, even for him.

He’s been labelled a ‘misogynistic monster’ after staging the murder of a female reporter at his ‘party of a lifetime’ over the weekend.

He posted a video of himself taking aim and shooting a boat carrying two people; one man with a camera and one woman who looked like A Current Affair’s Leisa Goddard.

According to a report on the Daily Mail, during the stunt at his Gold Coast mansion, the ‘Candyman’ played the Channel Nine news program’s theme song along with a voice over of Leisa’s first expose on the ‘Candyman’.

On Monday night he proudly shared a video of the violent moment on Instagram with an array of disrespectful hashtags, including #LeisasNoMeansYes, #NowLeisaSwimToShoreAndTasteMyCandy, #MyDefinitionOfEntertainment and #YouAintSeenNothingYet.

The stunt grenade launch appeared to just miss the two of them, as they fell over on their tin boat.

Beynon posted the video of the 'violent personal attack' shortly after A Current Affair aired footage of his performance on Monday night, which they branded 'pathetic'. Leisa is seen watching on as her 'double' was mock murdered.

She claimed it was a direct attack on the television program and its staff. 'At a time when as a society we are trying to fight and stop domestic violence particularly against women the Candyman has stopped to an all-time new low,' Ms Goddard said.

Source: Daily Mail

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