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CCTV Footage Shows Gang On Their Way To Kim's Apartment

For Kim Kardashian, her Paris ordeal is far from over.

After being bound, gagged and held at gunpoint, it’s taken a while for her to begin to feel safe again - and she’s not even there yet.

Reports claim she’s installing a panic room in her Bel Air mansion worth an estimated $100,000. She’s also kept silent on social media since the traumatic experience.

Now, chilling CCTV footage of the men making their way to Kim’s apartment has been revealed, as well as clips of them allegedly fleeing with her jewels in hand. French media has published footage of the alleged gang leaving and arriving at the reality TV star's VIP apartment on October 3.

Shot on a private camera just around the corner from the so-called 'Hotel de Pourtales' apartment block they are in black and white.

Unfortunately the shots are so grainy it’s impossible to make out a single face, with detectives admitting they are still baffled as to who they are.

The camera footage, released in an online exclusive by the M6 news channel, starts at 2.19am, and shows three men wearing reflective jackets cycling towards the block, and shortly afterwards two others walk past on foot.

A full 49 minutes then goes by, before members of the gang are seen leaving – a time period that makes a mockery of previous claims that they only spent a few minutes in the building. Each person has their face covered by a combination of hoods and balaclavas and are thought to be posing as plain-clothes policemen.

Source: Daily Mail

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