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Celeb Apprentice Over and Gabi Grecko's Marriage Too?

After being booted off Celebrity Apprentice, American model Gabi Grecko has hinted she's also left her Australian husband Geoffrey Edelsten and will move back to New York.

The 26-year-old married 72-year-old Edelsten in June. The pair star in season four of the Nine Network's Celebrity Apprentice, but Grecko was the first apprentice to be kicked off the show on Wednesday.

With her Celebrity Apprentice career over, Grecko hinted her infamously turbulent relationship with Edelsten might also be over after only three months of marriage.


"Going back to live in Newyork Permanently #byebyegeoffy," Grecko said on Instagram with a photo of the New York skyline.

Her followers were quick to offer their support, which Grecko replied to.

"xo NYC is home there's a million fish in the sea," said Grecko.

She then posted a pic from a plane.


"Safe travels," commented Instagram user Vanessa3.2.


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