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Channel 9 Sneakily Announced Something BIG About The Voice

Are you a big fan of The Voice? Me too.

Do you always think about which coach you’d pick if all four chairs swung around for you? Me too.

I also always knew I’d pick Ricky Martin if I were given the chance - and the odds are most of you would too.

However, none of us will be able to have that chance.

Channel Nine have used what news outlets are calling a “tricky tactic” to quietly ‘announce’ that Ricky Martin has left The Voice.

Well, they sort of announced it.


The network chose to release a press release about The Voice in 2016 at 7:57pm on Christmas Eve that didn’t mention Ricky Martin’s name once - not once.

Instead, the press release chose to focus on the addition of former X-Factor judge, Ronan Keating.


When pressed, Nine confirmed our beloved Ricky and his soothing mannerisms were being replaced this year by Keating.

“Ricky remains a part of The Voice family,” a spokeswoman confirmed. “He is taking time off next season to focus on his world tour and music commitments.”

Hmmmm… bizarre.

However sad you may feel about Ricky's abrupt departure, you can take comfort in the fact that Delta, Jessie J and the Madden boys are all confirmed to return to the show this year.

Source: News.com.au

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