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Could Love Be In The Air... At Syd Airport For Bachelor Sam

Could it be? 

Did Sam Wood give his final rose - and his heart - to mother of one Snezana Markoski? 

The duo arrived just minutes apart at Sydney Airport ahead of tonight's finale.

Coincidence? We're not so sure... 

Snezana's companion did his best to try to shield here while walking the halls but the attempt wasn't too successful. 

And Sam was smiling ear to ear - no doubt excited to celebrate tonight with his love in public. 

In the current promotions ahead of tonight's grand finale, you can see Sam professing his love to the chosen one. 

"I have fallen madly in love with you," he is heard admitting.

"When I make that ultimate decision, I need to make sure that there is not one bit of doubt left in my heart."

And that smile makes us think he is pretty damn sure! 

Considering Snezana has already opened up to say she was falling in love with Sam when she saw him with children on a recent group date, looks like they could be the final match.

Snezana is one of two left standing, vying for Sam's attention alongside Lana Jeavons-Fellows. 

Hurry up 7:30 PM for the final, official reveal tonight! 

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