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Daniel Radcliffe's Original Harry Potter Audition Resurfaces

Daniel Radcliffe's original audition video for Harry Potter has re-emerged online, and it's easy to see why he got the part!

The footage shows the now 26-year-old actor, back in 2001 auditioning for what would become one of the biggest movie franchises.

It shows him running his lines prior to filming Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, talking about dragon eggs and Sirius Black, and having a few giggles in between!

Radcliffe revealed that someone sent him the YouTube link to the audition over the weekend. 

Speaking to The Times, he said his reaction was, "And I was like 'Oh shit! OK...'"

When he mentioned it, the video has gone viral again... Big mistake, Dan!

He's admitted that he hates watching himself act as a child because he was “at a stage when you hate your face anyway, and anything it does is repellent to you”.

Now he's refused to watch himself at ALL on screen, which might be a little awkward at the premiere of his new film Victor Frankenstein...

We still think it's very cute, Dan!

H/T UniLad

Top Photos: Getty/Warner Bros.

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