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Does This Mean There Will Be A Will & Grace Reunion?!

It’s been over 10 years since we said goodbye to Will & Grace, which by our calculations makes it perfect timing for a reunion!

And that’s exactly what happened over the weekend and being the age of social media, it was (of course) all documented for our viewing pleasure.

Debra Messing was the first to share this snap of the guys getting up close and personal.

Writing, “Only smiling because of where Eric’s hand is!” the cast had us flashing back to the banter that had us tuning in for the best part of eight years.

Sean Hayes was quick to share it on Facebook, joking “We are family…I got all my sisters with me”.

Of course, people took to Twitter where they were begging and speculating about an actual reunion show… us included!

While there’s no confirmation as yet (seriously guys – how about a movie?!), there are a few clues that have us thinking it MUST be happening…

For instance, is it just us, or does it look like Messing and Megan Mullally are in an office together?

my new wife and i are so happy @therealdebramessing

A photo posted by @meganomullally on

We’re not experts, but it kind of looks like an office where you’d write and plan scripts. Reunion scripts perhaps?

Then there’s this photo.

OMG! They're here! @meganomullally

A photo posted by Sean Hayes (@seanhayes) on

Anyone else notice the curtain in the background? Because obviously a curtain must be hiding a stage (nope, definitely not a window)!

And as far as we’re concerned this hug is so obviously Will and Grace hugging, not Eric McCormack and Messing…

You smell the same! @EricMccormack

A photo posted by Debra Messing (@therealdebramessing) on

Okay, so maybe we’re speculating, but it’s enough to have us hopeful!

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