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Dumped Bachelorette Heartbroken And Still Looking For Love

Dumped Bachelor contestant Heather Maltman says the reality show has helped her learn to open up to others a bit more.

The early favourite to win Sam Wood's heart appeared crushed when she failed to win a rose during Thursday night's elimination ceremony.

"I think white noise just started to play in my head," she told AAP of the ordeal.

"I just don't think I was prepared for it, even though I knew it was a possibility.

"I'd definitely fallen for him, that's for sure.

"He's a beautiful man, how could you not?"

The brunette beauty says she now looks upon her time in the house with sadness.

"I just feel sad when I see what we sort of had together and how much fun I had with him," she said.

"But to actually say the three words that I guess maybe he needed to hear or maybe I could've said, I would never say that unless there was just the two of us there together."

Heather says although she has had time to let go of her romantic feelings for Sam, she is yet to find love.

"I haven't actively looked for anything since the show. I liked a guy for a little bit there between finishing filming and the show going to air, but it wasn't right.

"It's very hard to date when everyone in Australia thinks you've still got a boyfriend.

"Everyone in Australia really thought that he picked me."

Heather says her biggest lesson from the series was to learn to let others in more.

"I'm very good at caring and loving people around me. But I find it very hard to let people look after me," she says.

"During this experience, it's taught me how to do that, to let people in a little bit more.

"I think I found that very difficult. Even with Sam, he really challenged that part of me as well. That was my biggest lesson."


* Calling hunky bachelor Sam "dude" during their first meeting on the reality show.

* Being the first contestant to receive a white rose from Sam.

* Taking Sam on a superhero themed-date, ending with the pair locking lips.

* Wrestling in a pit of jelly with Sam, leading him to declare it the most fun date he's ever had.

* Her victory in the group date apple bobbing contest.

* The heartfelt moment when Heather cooks Sam dinner and the pair bond over their upbringings, with Heather opening up about how she had been cooking for herself since age five.


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