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Fight Breaks Out On Australian Bus

This is not what you want to see between a bus driver and a passenger... 

A video has been released of an altercation on a Sydney bus this morning.

On the 413 route from Ashbury heading inbound, reports suggest that a commuter was seen banging on the closed bus doors trying to be let in, before approaching the driver's window.

But when let onto the bus witnesses told The Daily Telegraph that the disgruntled passenger began to take photos and film the driver's identification tag.

This is around the time that the footage begins, as the driver becomes increasingly angry.

Footage shows the driver trying to stop the passenger from taking photos, using physical force.

He then goes on to push the commuter off the bus.

The fight escalates from there when the passenger fights back, which spurs on a full on altercation.

Watch the footage below.  

Sydney Bus fight

A fight broke out on the 413 bus from Ashbury to Sydney’s CBD when stopped at Broadway this morning between a passenger and the bus driver with a fellow passenger filming the violent altercation.

Posted by news.com.au on Sunday, 15 November 2015

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