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Hey Everyone, Blake Lively’s Baby Bump Has Gone Missing

Isn’t it amazing, Blake Lively’s red jumpsuit at Cannes looks better on her, at a few months pregnant, than it could ever on me - and I am nowhere near pregnant.


This pregnancy a bit of a mystery, but someone who followed the timeline of her pap photos when she was filming extra shots for ‘The Shallows’ where she was covering her midsection A LOT would put have to put her at between 3-5 months pregnant.

So basically, she should have a decent bump happening.


However when she took to the red carpet at Cannes in a stunning red jumpsuit and shimmery dress, she looked more like I do after devouring a burger than pregnant (read: a little bloated, but that’s about it).


The very petite actress looks as though she’ll definitely be keeping her stunning figure during the birth of bub #2 - lucky thing.

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