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Hilary Duff's Laguna Beach Dubsmash's Are Everything!

Hands up all you former Laguna Beach addicts. 

While it has been over ten years since the TV show first started gracing our screens, who could forget all the DRAMA! 

The episodes filled with cattiness over the Kristen, LC and Stephen love triangle, huge parties and bonfires at the beach. 

While we are forced to merely re-live the experience through reruns nowdays, it seems we aren't the only ones with the occasional Laguna flashback. 

MTV recently caught up with Hilary Duff and they strolled down memory lane via Dubsmash and it is amazing! 

Who could forget when Kristen's white car smoking on the side of the road after breaking down... 

Or one of the parties of the year... The Black and White Affair organised by LC and Lo. 

If none of that rings any bells then anyone who ever watched an ep of Laguna Beach will definitely have flashbacks with this one. 

Hilary's hit song 'Come Clean' playing during the opening and closing credits. 

Oh, it takes me back to Laguna Beach marathons on MTV in the mid noughties! 

Those were the days!

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