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If You Needed Proof Taylor Swift Loves Her Fans, This Is It

It may have been well over a year since Taylor Swift's 1989 was first released, but it doesn't mean the hits are about to stop.

Hot off her world tour, our favourite popette has released the video to her latest hit-maker New Romantics.

A homage to her massive 1989 tour, the video features footage from her stadium shows including special behind-the scenes shots.

While the full video is only available on Apple Music at the moment, she shared a teaser on Twitter, writing: "The best people in life are free".

In the clip, Taylor says: "The fans are the best part of this tour. They're the reason the shows are incredible, and I know those fans out there are just all in. We're all really sad that it's ending, but we're really happy because of what it was."

Sounds like an excuse for a new world tour... yes?

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