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Is He The New Blake Garvey!? Bachelorette Star's Secret Past

Rhys Chilton may have failed to speak perfect French to Bachelorette Georgia Love, but there was obviously something the former journo was impressed with. 

The hot Harry Potter look alike was quick to tell the 27-year-old about his modelling career, but there was one job he failed to mention. 

Like former Bachelor love rat Blake Garvey, newcomer Rhys has been revealed as a part-time topless entertainer. Tonight Channel 10 however chose to label the Brissie lad as an 'entrepreneur'... I suppose it has a nicer ring to it than stripper.

On one website spruiking Rhys' services, his profile states 'Yes I've done plenty of ladies events in my time and I'd like to say it's truly a shame there's a sleazy, negative association with this type of work.' 

Source: Instagram 

'My honesty and respect allows me to do this kind of work without it ever being an issue to my partner (If in fact I have one),' he said. 

The page later clarifies that topless is as far as Rhys will get, 'Rules are simple- I'm not a stripper, I'm not a giggilo, Pants stay on (shirt is more than happy to come off), I'll try not to get fat.'

Source: Instagram

We wonder what Georgia would think about this. 

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