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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Heartbreaking Heath Ledger Confession

Did you know it’s been 8 years since Heath Ledger passed away?

It still makes me sad just thinking about it.

Well, just a few years before he passed, Heath starred in a movie called Brokeback Mountain with Jake Gyllenhaal.

The two became close friends, and until now, the effect Heath’s passing in 2008 had on Jake wasn’t known.

In an interview with Jess Cagle, Gyllenhaal opened up for an emotional discussion about his days filming Brokeback Mountain and the effect Heath’s passing had on him.

Get the tissues ready...

"Personally, it affected me in ways I can't necessarily put in words,” Jake began before discussing how Heath’s death changed the “bubble” he used to be in while making films: “I think it [gave me] the experience of, 'This is fleeting.' And none of the attention or synthesised love that comes from the success of a film really matters at all. What matters is the relationships you make when you make a film and the people you learn from when you're preparing for a film. That changed a lot for me."

Source: Cosmopolitan

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