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Jerry Seinfeld Earned $30,000 Per Line For ‘Seinfeld’

The ‘Seinfeld’ show was recently evaluated by CNBC to determine how much money each cast member made for the work they put in and the results were surprising.

Jerry Seinfeld had made the most money per line only due having syndication rights as a creator of the show. In the time the show aired, Michael Richards (Kramer) made the most money per line at $15,000. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine) and Jerry each made $13,000 per line while poor old Jason Alexander (George) only made a paupers salary of $11,000 per line.

Overall Jerry made the most money because he had the most lines. In reality, by the end of the show, Jerry Seinfeld was on $1 million per episode and Richards, Louis-Dreyfus and Alexander were on $600,000 each per episode.

In 2000, that was a record amount paid to actors. It was broken two years later by the cast of ’Friends’, who made $1 million each per episode in 2002. The big bucks now go to the cast of The Big Bang Theory. In the upcoming TV season Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) will be the highest paid actor on TV taking home $29 million.

The Top 5 highest paid actors for 2015 according to Forbes are:

1. Jim Parsons – $US29 million

2. Johnny Galecki – $US27 million

3. Mark Harmon – $US20 million

4. Simon Helberg – $US20 million

5. Kunal Nayyar – $US20 million

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