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Keira From The Bachelor's EPIC Beauty Blunder

Keira Maguire is known for two things during her stint on The Bachelor; being the villain, and wearing some pretty incredible outfits.

However, last night at the Stylerunner store opening party in Sydney is became clear that even those who consider themselves chic, make mistakes.

Keira was sporting an all over bronzed glow, peculiar for this time of year. However, the thing that really gave the fake tan game away was the fact that her hands were ghostly white in comparison to the rest of her body.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder white dress, it was clear that her beauty blunder was visible for all eyes to see. The sighting comes after Keira revealed that she would consider signing up to be Australia's next Bachelorette.

'I feel like it's more my thing, at least I can have control,' explained the controversial Sydney native in an interview with Mamamia this Thursday. ‘I would eat....I don't know.

The poor guys that are on it- could you imagine?'she mused, adding: 'I would definitely do it because I'd just f**k s**t up.'

Source: Daily Mail

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