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Kylie Jenner’s 70.6M Followers Just Got A MASSIVE Surprise

If you’re a Kylie Jenner fan, no doubt you keep up with her Instagram account on the daily.

Why wouldn’t you? It’s full of examples of the kind of life we all want, but will never have.

Kylie’s a great one to follow too, because she’s pretty candid with her life, snap chatting every chance she gets and instagramming much of her life.

In fact, she’s so open that it’s opened her up to stalkers, which she’s been dealing with pretty regularly.

Now, she’s done something that we didn’t even know was possible, let alone something Kylie would do.

She’s COMPLETELY DISABLED her Instagram comments, so that no-one can comment on any photos - in fact, it looks bizarrely bare when you click on a photo, like something isn’t loading.


Yep, you’ve ALL been SILENCED!! Reports this morning claim that Tyga is set to be arrested and will possibly face jail time the day before her birthday - could the Instagram censoring be to do with that?!


Or is it just that she’s SICK TO DEATH of the harsh comments?


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