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Love Comes At A Price For Bachelor Contestants

The Bachelor contestants might be seen sauntering around a mansion in sequined gowns and teetering high heels but the actual wage they earn while on the show is meagre to say the least. 

Just $90 a day is all the girls receive for their time on the show... so after the 18 weeks or three months the winner has to be in the house, they are taking home a mere $6300 - $2100 tax free per month. 

The premise of such a low pay rate? Producers wanted to ensure the contestants were on the show for the right reason - to find love. 

What a cutie pie! If you didn't recognise that smile, Sam's on the left! 󾌵 ❤️ #FlashbackFriday

Posted by The Bachelor Australia on Thursday, 10 September 2015

But when you expect contestants to remove themselves from everyday life - with no access to television, current events, mobile phones, internet, let alone family and friends, it's surely a big ask. 

Hefty investment for 19 women vying for the attention of just one man...

Season one contestant Natalie Sady opened up to Mamamia earlier this month about her experienc ein the mansion and on the show - and how they manipulate the experience. 

"[It's like] being locked in a small space, having no contact with anyone outside of the walls of where you are staying, no news coming in."

This is on top of their time outside the house between filming, the show airing and their contract obligations in regards to social media restrictions, interview expectations and rights on what they can and can't talk about. 

But it is still the TV show that has Australia hooked, and obviously these girls believe the downfalls are worth it for the chance to meet 'the one'. 

We'd be interested to find out how much Bachelor Sam Wood, new Bachelorette Sam Frost and the Bachelorette contestants earn per day for the experience? 

In the meantime, get excited for Thursday's finale. Who will Sam choose? Lana, Sarah or Snezana? 

Finale week is here! Which Bachelorette will Sam choose? #TheBachelorAU

Posted by The Bachelor Australia on Sunday, 13 September 2015

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