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Jonathon and Scarlett's Steamy Text Messages REVEALED

It was the scandal that rocked Married At First Sight last night. Two marriages in tatters after two contestants were caught cheating. It's as if you'd think they didn't even know each other... oh, wait... 

It was revealed Jonathon, aka the up himself entrepreneur, who's hung up because Cheryl admitted she didn't find him hot, and Scarlett, who fancied her husband until she found out he was a stripper, were texting up a storm. 

There's no connection but Jonathan's received plenty of texts... ❤️🚫📱 #9Married

Spa retreat with a view... Don't mind if they do! 🍾 #9Married

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What sordid texts may you ask were they sending? Well, this is about to rock your mind. The pair who swapped numbers at the much talked about dinner party were caught messaging each other about their love of... TEA. Yes, you read that right. 

“I like literally love tea,” Scarlett penned in a message to Jonathon - saucy. 

“Same! I drink too much. But I drink coffee during the day then when I feel like I’m going to die because I drank too much coffee I switch to green and peppermint,” he replied.

Wow, if the experts couldn't pick up on this type of compatibility, is there much hope for the other couples!? 

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Last night Cheryl confronted Jonathon over the steamy (get it) messages, telling him she hated disloyal people. 

"I heard you last night saying you got paired with the wrong person. And then you swapped numbers and you have been talking to each other," she said during the commitment ceremony. 

Fear not, stripper Michael is still on the market. We reckon he and the Gold Coast beauty would actually hit it off. They might even share the same love of fake tan!?

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