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Matty J Totally Gave Away Who The Winner Is Tonight

Hello, and thank you for joining us on this fine Wednesday night, on the eve of The Bachelor grand finale and just moments after watching poor Tara's heart break into approximately 10,000 pieces.

Yes, we're officially down to our top two after Australia's favourite Bachie contestant was gently shown the door, leaving firm favourite Laura and dark horse Elise to battle it out for Matty J's heart.

But even though it may seem like it's neck-and-neck, your boy Matty couldn't not have given a bigger hint as to who is going to be given his final rose on Thursday night.

You probably didn't notice though; ready to have your mind blown?

Laura, who has been tipped to become Mrs Matty J-to-be since before the show even started, was the only one to receive a gift from Matty on tonight's trio of single dates.

It was incredibly thoughtful - referencing the pair's very first date - and super cute but it was the only present Matty gave to any of his potential girlfriends.

It's pretty much the very last shred of evidence even the most doubting of Bachelor viewers should need; coupled with the fact it was allegedly Laura who was caught sneaking off for a secret meet-up with Matty a couple of weeks ago and, you know, that she was his first kiss of the season, it seems poor Elise is set to be the first contestant out of the car tomorrow night.

Oh boy our hearts are already breaking for her. 

All in favour of Elise for The Bachelorette 2018 say aye?!

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