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Matty J's First Words After Kissing Laura Were V Unexpected

Well it seems all of THOSE rumours about Matty J falling fast for The Bachelor contestant Laura were true, doesn't it?

Australia's most eligible man selected the early favourite for a one-on-one date that had everything we've come to expect from a romantic Bachie outing: a boat, some cheese that doesn't get eaten and slightly stilted conversation peppered with fake laughs.

But after some initial awkwardness - and Laura's self-confessed "word vomit" - the genetically blessed pair quickly settled into a very comfortable camaraderie and eventually moved to a sofa in front of a gorgeous Sydney sunset.

"My feelings towards Matty have definitely progressed throughout the day purely because, like, we've gotten to spend this time together," Laura told the camera as we watched the pair gaze into the other's eyes.

"Matty makes me feel a little bit giddy. Yeah. He makes me feel very special when he's staring straight at me."

Approximately three seconds later Matty leaned in for the first kiss of the season while the rest of us squealed/ yelled "WHY ISN'T THAT ME?" at the television.

Except... Matty's reaction after the (very long) kiss? Not what we expected.

"Yeah..." he said post-pash. "It was... nice."

Nice, Matty? NICE?

He added: "It's good. I was happy with that. It was my first kiss."

Our Bachelor was slightly more effusive about the actual date though, agreeing with Laura that it was "one of the easiest dates I've ever been on".

"I think it's really obvious when you like someone and, you know, I wanted to kiss Laura from the very first moment I saw her today," Matty smiled. "So I'm kind of happy that I got a kiss in there."

Eurgh, these two are already #CoupleGoals and it's only week two.

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