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Meet Seven Year Switch’s Jackie & Tim’s New Bub!

They were the controversial couple who got our attention when Seven Year Switch came onto our tellies, and now, they somehow have their happily ever after.

They have a gorgeous new bub! Chadwick Wolf Naughton was born on August 29, but until now, no-one’s seen a pic of the beautiful bub!

Finally, we have it! 'Introducing our beautiful baby boy: Chadwick Wolf Naughton!,' they wrote on their joint Instagram account, along with a family portrait that was published in New Idea this week.

They also added that they call their boy either Chad, Chaddy or Wolfie 'for short' and he was born weighing 3.745 kg and 54cm long.

Jackie, who famously had issues receiving any form of intimacy from parter Tim when their stint on the show started, shared how much motherhood suited her.

'Loving being a mother so much, wish I had of started earlier so that I could have ten more children! Best thing I've ever done,' she said.

She added: 'Whole new level of love, anxiety and protectiveness.'

However, it seems, like with all couples, their issues haven’t disappeared completely.

In an interview with New Idea, the pair shared how they were sleeping in separate beds because life with a newborn causes 'stress' and 'arguments.'

'I've changed rooms, sleeping in a different bedroom,' Tim revealed. 'The show made our relationship stronger than ever. But since having the baby...having a newborn causes arguments.

No sleep - it's stressful,' fitness trainer Jackie added.

They say the new arrangement has ‘worked wonders’ with Tim's early starts.

Source: Daily Mail

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