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Molly Meldrum Apologies For His Logies ‘Kanye Moment’

Watching the Logies on Sunday night, there’s no doubt you felt a little awkward during the normally inspiring Gold Logies acceptance speech.

Samuel Johnson won the gold, as I’m sure you already know, for his portrayal of Aussie icon, Molly Meldrum.

During his speech, the legend got up on stage to give Samuel a hat just like his own, that he’d sprayed gold.

However, what happened, was a hijacking of his speech so brutal Australia was left divided.

Molly is like the country’s granddad, but you couldn’t help but cringe and feel bad for both of them as you watched the speech go down.

Now, Molly has spoken out, apologising for the misstep.

He told Newscorp he had “just wanted to give Sam the hat”, admitting he had gotten “a bit caught up in the moment.”

Samuel defended Molly over the surprising incident, saying he “must have been loosey-goosey”, but that underneath it all was “a really sweet act.”

“It was [a bit] awkward, but it was classic vintage Molly. It’s Molly doing Molly times a hundred.”

Source: news.com.au

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