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NOT AGAIN! Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Wedding Is OFF!

Looks like there could be massive problems for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth..

And this time it isn't Miley's fault.

Reports are circling that while Miley was away filming her new Woody Allen TV Series, Liam was back in California and hooked up with another girl.

A source says ''He realised that he's not ready to settle down and Miley really isn't the one, so he recently dumped her, just days before the wedding. She's heartbroken but pissed off'' according to Life & Style.

The actor reportedly admitting to cheating while he and Miley were down under at the end of April, with the magazine continuing to say ''He and friends had gone surfing in Malibu and picked up some girls on the beach who were visiting from out of town,” the insider claims. “The girls were really hot and Liam’s buddies invited them back up to their house for some drinks and fun. That’s when things got wild.''

Liam's rumoured cheating has broken up the pair's relationship for the first time since they split in 2013. They reconciled after more than two years after the broke up at the end of 2015.

They were seen together on holiday in Byron Bay, where Miley started wearing her engagement ring again but the 26-year-old Hemsworth has denied that he is engaged.

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