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Pikachu Speaks In New Pokemon Movie And People Are Freaking

Brace yourself! Your childhood is about to be changed forever. If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, you’ll be very familiar with a little yellow Pokemon known as Pikachu. Heck, even if you’ve just heard of Pokemon in passing you’d be familiar with Pikachu!

The yellow sidekick of Ash Ketchum doesn’t speak except for the occasional “Pikachu”, “pika”, and “pika pika”. Which seems a little bit narcissistic when you think about.

Due to his lack of language skills, it’s no surprise that audiences at the screenings of the new film, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!, were completely shocked to hear Pikachu speak in ENGLISH! 

Watch below as the crowd gasps in shock and goes wild over the totally uncharacteristic occurrence.

However, it is only just one line of English before the Pokemon goes back to “Pikachu”-ing. Either way, fans are not amused by the twist! People quickly took to Twitter upon hearing the news to express their feelings. 

Let’s hope that Pikachu goes back to the comfortable and familiar, self-absorbed “pikas” soon! Hearing Pikachu speak English is just too much to process.


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