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Man Show’s EPIC Disappointment With His Bride

Can you imagine walking down the aisle and seeing your potential groom mutter “Ah, shit,” he says.” under his breath - and not in a good way?!

Well that’s what happened to one woman last night on controversial show, ‘Married at First Sight’.

Jono, who said his ideal woman would be small and brunette, met Clare, who’s blonde and about six foot, as she made her way down the aisle towards him.

Jono could be heard muttering “Ah, shit,” - and not in a good way - as Clare walked towards him.

“I know within the first few seconds if I like a person or if I don’t,” he adds.

“She’s basically the opposite of what I expected to walk down the aisle. She’s not what I ordered.”


Geez. Luckily, during the ceremony, Jono begins to change his mind about Clare as he pulls out her Vegas comedy jokes.

He says his nick name is “Big Jon” so she obviously has to reply with: “That’s promising!”

It takes him a second to get the willie joke but then he thinks it’s hilarious.

Match made in heaven? We’re not sold.

Source: news.com.au

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