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Robin Williams' Prevents Use Of His Voice For Aladdin Movies

Disney was hoping to do a fourth "Aladdin" movie with Robin Williams voicing the Genie. 

To do it, they were going to sift through the unused stuff he recorded the first time around, back in 1991.

But they can't, because Robin put a stipulation in his will saying that nothing of his can be used for at least 25 years.  That includes any new exploitation of his name, likeness, taped performances, and voice recordings.

A former Disney executive says, quote, "Robin was making 30 jokes a minute.  Now, because he insisted on a final say on such material, [those jokes] will remain in the vaults."

We're not sure exactly which movie this was going to be.  Over the summer, Disney announced they wanted to make two live-action movies.  The first would be a prequel called "Genies", about how the Genie ended up in his bottle.

The second would be a live-action remake of "Aladdin".

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