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Royal First: Prince William Speaks Out Against Homophobia

Prince William spoke out against homophobia while he took part in an anti-bullying campaign with schoolchildren.

It is believed to be the first for a British royal to do so.

He was discussing LGBT bullying and cyber-bullying with students at the Hammersmith Academy, and the Duke of Cambridge spoke about the best way to deal with a homphobic bully.

The second-in-line to the throne agreed with one student who said he would speak up.

“As the young man said, I would try to confront.”


While discussing the idea of a support network, the Prince named his wife, Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, his brother, Prince Harry, his dad Prince Charles, and his grandmother the Queen and his grandfather Prince Philip. 

He also added his dog Lupo, as an afterthought.

According to Pink News, a Kensington Palace spokesperson said: 

“He hopes it will help de-stigmatise bullying issues in schools.

“He particularly likes the idea of a peer-led support network to prevent any child or young person suffering in silence.”

The event is a part of the Diana Award, named in honour of the late Princess Diana, the Prince's mother.

The British Royals rarely ever mention LGBT rights, so the move has been hailed as a first, but a welcome one.

H/T Huffington Post

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